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5 Benefits for Families who Play in the Paint Together

I love what I get to do.  As an artist and creative person, I feel it’s my mission to open others up to the fact that they too are creative. I have worked with hundreds of people now doing this very thing. I know for certain that given the opportunity to play with pastels and paint (along with a sprinkling of curiousity folded into a relaxed environment) people tap into their creative power. I also know that the doorway through is by choosing to have FUN with it and to ENJOY it.

IMG_3557When I got the chance to open the studio up to a family who wanted to play in the paint together I had the joy of watching this creative synergy shared between them. Many things transpired in their time together that upshifted their collective energy. I wanted to share these with you should you too as I got the benefits of being with them in their colourful adventure. The art is powerful and has ability to affect all those involved so take in their blue infused creation as you read the 5 benefits the art can bring you and your crew!

#1. True Togetherness – Nowadays, with all the busy and noisy “stuff of life” we can think our family is connected when in reality we can feel more like separate residents of the same home. To make time for each other to play and create and just BE authentically joined together is so vital. Carving out a few hours beyond screens, schedules and routines to make something new together with no agenda other than to “see what shows up while we have some fun” can tighten bonds naturally.

#2.  Play in a New Way – How we love our routines and as families, even more so. We need them actually, systems and structures to get things to run and hum in a household. Yet, those routines can leave things feeling stale and dull as well. Finding a whole new way to play that meets every age, gender, and personality where they are is invaluable. The art can do that, it certainly did with the family that joined me in the studio. You can feel and see the joy on their faces. The whole room hummed with their creative energy and happiness.

#3.  Deeper Understanding – The art can hold everyone and art made from the heart, as I teach, with no set “way” other than to make the line, shape and forms that light you up in the colours with the brushes that feel amazing….well…everyone and anyone can do that. Each person has their own unique way of being and this comes out in their creative expression. To make a piece of art together gives everyone an equal voice and space. How we do things in art is how we do things in life (and family) so the dynamics can be made visible as the painting progresses. This can bring some deep understanding as well which is so vital.

#4.  Interdependence Grows – While each family member has their own rhythm and expression, they all play a part of the whole interdependently. This can grow in harmony through playful creativity enlightening each family member to their necessity to the tribe. When a painting is collaborated, each brings so much to flow into the artwork and discoveries can be made around how to tighten those harmonies so that they really feel fabulous.

One family member may need to be more open so as to let another member’s ideas come forth and be. Another member may discover they don’t tend to say much and can get lost in the ‘noise’ of the others. They can find the way to be heard in their tribe and to express their authentic voice. Qualities surface in the process and appreciation for each one of these qualities as a benefit to the whole family can grow.

#5. A Reflective Reminder is Created – Finally, the family leaves the experience with a fabulous collaborative piece of artwork that holds their unique story. The whole time a deepening awareness has been growing of the unique qualities of the group. To then have in hand something that didn’t exist only a few hours before is a powerful symbol for all the lovely qualities that can get overlooked in the day-to-day. The artwork is a piece that reflects back to everyone who looks at it both as a sharing of time and of qualities between the family.


When the family that came to my studio last week completed their artwork, they all shared the aspects that really spoke to them and noticed how they all were so inspired by nature. Whether it was the trees and the ‘scratchy and rough’ qualities found in the bark and forest floor or the ocean and the spray of the water – they could feel their connection with each other.

I too felt it and was so inspired and touched to be able to be a part of their decision to play in a new way together. It lifted me and reminded me of how easy it is to be light and playful in nature. Creativity is our natural way within, we are born to bring forward the ideas and desires we dream up. To do so together, in our tribe, takes our creativity and playfulness to new places. Such a wonderful way to connect and to be! Just like this family’s artwork, spontaneous and free!

Find ways to play and create with your family, friends and even your colleagues. You will infuse new life, understanding and FUN into the group. I can help you out if you want. for creative courses, ideas, bespoke workshops and freebies. Sign up for a free colouring book and receive creative ideas and opportunities through my newsletter if you would like as well.

Above all else, stay in play together! Enjoy this little clip of this wonderful family in the studio playing together in the paint…

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