It's Like Yoga
with Crayons
About Your Creative Spirit Mentor

Corry MacDonald

Corry MacDonald is open and warm-hearted mentor with a natural ability to put people at ease while making them feel how truly special they are. Hundreds of clients have taken her workshops and courses and she has presented for numerous conferences, schools and organizations. Corry has a powerful eye for detail and beauty as a visual artist which, when coupled with the life experience of having lived in Japan, Singapore, Vancouver, Bangkok and now, in Dubai, creates a dynamic blend of journeying and unique discovery.

In addition to living this nomadic rhythm for over two decades and receiving an education through a wealth of cultural and adventure-filled experiences, Corry also has enjoyed acquiring an education in a more traditional way. Corry holds a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts, Art and Design, a Masters in Psychology, an Advanced Diploma in Art Therapy and an Advanced Certification as a Cognitive Coach.

As she has travelled extensively to teach and share opportunities for people to experience their innate Creative Spirit, she has the good fortune of organically “field-testing” her work cross-culturally, learning what resonates and is most effective in creating authentic growth and change in different environments.

Above all, Corry is passionate about working with people who are prone to over-giving, over-doing and over-fixing to creatively shift their outward focus back inward and to transform the heavy pieces they are avoiding into the powerful gifts that they truly are. Corry and those she has had the joy of working with know this to be true for their own lives and that every piece of your life experience can be viewed through the eyes of love and acceptance if you so choose.


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