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Be in the Newness

Have you ever caught yourself in a whole new situation trying to drag your ‘old situation stuff’ into the middle of it?

I have, several times, and I won’t pretend that I am so much the wiser now that I will never do it again. Still, I am getting clearer on when I do it. When I miss the point, Life sends me clues to help me see it.

When I moved from Japan to Thailand, I tried to recreate the one-on-one experiences I was enjoying in my work with people there but that didn’t happen. Bangkok was opening the opportunity for me to work with groups in all forms and ways. Whether in my home studio which grew into the rented space I took in the Attic Studio, in the slums, the schools and even international conferences I attended and shared at. Warm, round, full Creative Circles were my focus.

So, moving to Dubai, I jumped in and tried to take those Bangkok circles along with me and form something new from them. I was focused on forming retreats and courses based on the book that has been flowing from me this past year (which holds 7 clear steps for growing your self-love and creativity) which seemed the logical ‘next step’ for me. Up-leveling my work to intensify the small-group experience by laser focusing with a very small select few seemed the thing to do.

Here’s what happened with that plan that ‘seemed’ the logical next step.




I mean nothing at all.


After getting out of my own way and sitting in the quiet with my paints in reflection I realized what happened. Rather than taking my time and co-creating with my Highest Self innermost self, I just got going at it and made myself busy by following what my logical mind ‘seemed to be saying’.

When it became clear to me that Dubai was not going to bring the same experience as Bangkok (obviously Corry!!!…I’m a slow learner with these things) I asked Life to show me exactly what I needed to know.

Then, later that day, while looking for something on Youtube I stumbled upon Carolyn Myss’s TED Talk. If you know Myss’s work, you will know that she is not only extremely wise medical intuitive (among several other things) and she doesn’t mince words when she shares her insights.

If you haven’t heard of her you can get a quick sense of her as you take in her TED talk. There’s so much in there that will speak right to your heart.


My big take-away was when she spoke of Being in the Newness of whatever you are walking through in your life. 18 minutes into her talk she askes us all to “not look back, that part of your life is over. The reason you are where you are is because that part of your life is over. Don’t look for ‘over’ to chart ‘new’.”




Life really delivered it to me straight – through Caroline Myss!


This ‘new’ can be anything really – a new relationship, job, place, opportunity, etc.. Myss hit the nail on the head when she reminded me that I am not that same person I was a few months ago (heck, even a few minutes ago). Why would I ever bother to look back?!


We are always evolving and forever changing, that is our ultimate ‘job’ as humans. We’re given this amazing body and mind, to not use it to expand and grow is an absolute waste of time. We are called to be more and more and more again so to show up in a new place and try to stick all I did before into a whole new world simply did not work…no matter how hard I tried.


So how do we do this ‘Be in the Newness’ thing really? How do we not look back?


Myss reminds us to use new words. Talk about new ideas and dreams coming through. Speak the newness out and soon enough it will open into form in the ‘just right’ timing and in the ‘just right’ ways that allow something new to come through for everyone’s benefit and expansion.


Especially you.


Once I stopped pushing the old ways and I caught the message to be in the newness an interesting thing happened. Time opened wider for me to focus on really settling in and giving my family more of my energy which they needed dearly, my joy increased as I let go of the pushing and began to join and take part in the activities I loved (like yoga and paddle boarding), and I began meeting people at these new places who put me in touch with others who could help me to share my work locally (both as a volunteer giving back and in the next few months as a teacher at an art center teaching people how to self-care with their innate creativity).

All of this happened the moment I decided to stop clinging to the old, to stop trying and to step into the newness that is always there for each one of us every step of our journey.


What new thing are you stepping into at this point in your life?

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