It's Like Yoga
with Crayons

We can choose the story we tell


It’s sunny outside and inside when I choose to tell a sunny story to myself an interesting thing happens, the sun just shines on back to me and it gets sunnier and sunnier.

The reverse is also true, I step out of the sun then I see only shadow and well, in flows the darker hues. Same is true with the blues.

There’s been points in my life where my blues were so dark they almost looked black.

The story was so dark that it took some time to come back to the sun and the light.

But that’s just what I chose to bring into my life to find the desire for a sunnier story to unfold. I could never have shone this bright if I didn’t know the dark black of night.

Whatever colour your story is right now, know it’s beautiful and it’s essential for your journey. Most of all though, know YOU can choose the story you tell. If your story isn’t congruent with your essence then each breath is a new start to turn the page and begin anew.

It’s up to you to tell it true!

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