It's Like Yoga
with Crayons

Begin-Within Moments


Have you ever caught yourself in a whole new situation trying to drag your ‘old situation stuff’ into the middle read more

3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Creativity

When I tell people I work as a Creative Mentor almost everyone responds saying “I wish I could be creative”. read more

Everything has beauty

Do I really believe that everything has beauty? Can this be true for the stuff that appears so ugly and read more

We can choose the story we tell

It’s sunny outside and inside when I choose to tell a sunny story to myself an interesting thing happens, the read more

This is a Big Moment

And so is this and this and this moment. The essence of each of our moments is big because they read more

The other day I saw a word written on a bright green bike by the beach.

The word was “simple”. Just reading that word feels good, doesn’t it? We want “simple” in our life and yet, read more

Up, up, and more up!

Today I was reminded of the gift we can give another when we choose to lift them up. It was read more

“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.” -Kahlil Gibran

When you are out and about, in the rhythm of your day, notice the trees. There are some that will read more

“What brings you pleasure? Do it, and do it often, for it will give lightness to your heart and do wonders for your soul”. -Cherie carter-Scott, PH. D

When I create a painting or create my day, it’s always the same way. I stop and feel and ask read more

“Nature does not hurry. Yet everything is accomplished”. -Lao-Tse

When your stomach is in knots and your mind is overwhelmed with all the busyness that clogs up the spaciousness read more


When you observe yourself in your day-to-day, would you tend towards: