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Why You Should Trust Your Hunches

A few days ago I hopped out of my car to head into the shop and a cat walked right read more

3 ways to avoid overwhelm during an international move

Have you ever gone through the process of packing up home, work, kids, and your whole life into a container read more

3 ways to say goodbye to a special place

Can I tell you a secret? It’s not one I mention often but I’ve been thinking about it recently as read more

5 Benefits for Families who Play in the Paint Together

I love what I get to do.  As an artist and creative person, I feel it’s my mission to open read more

3 wonderful ways to sit with your stuck-ness

The other day I was stuck. Literally stuck in a squishy Bangkok taxi which was wedged deep in rush hour read more

Ppeaking at Pecha Cucha Japan

Speaking at Pecha Cucha Japan

2011 PechaKucha Night – Corry MacDonald – My Little Lens from Yokohama International School on Vimeo.

Endings and Rituals Appearing out of the Blue

  For the past month, a dream that I had envisioned for a long time came into being-ness. It was read more

When a Goal is Reached Together…

For the past month I have been enjoying the beautiful afterglow of the realization of a dream I had which read more

3 Things that Creatively Collaborating Brings to All

A couple weeks ago I was asked to hold a Creative Workshop to coincide with the “We Begin Within” art read more

Creating Precious Time With Mommy & Baby

Two evenings ago I had a truly wonderful first time experience. I was asked by a friend, Suzanne, a wonderful read more


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