It's Like Yoga
with Crayons

Everything has beauty


Do I really believe that everything has beauty? Can this be true for the stuff that appears so ugly and painful and so damn hard to be with?

We have to open our eyes and align our hearts to what beauty truly is.

I’m not talking about the plastic, surface, tidying-up beauty that we are spoon fed each day by what some call societal norms and the media around us. I’m not talking about sugar-coated, plumped-up beauty that is hiding from what is laying deeper below.

I’m talking about opening the door to anything and everything that knocks and saying “hello there, I see the gift in you and know that when we meet something will propel us into a higher place because I am open to you and you have something to teach me in this meeting”.

When I approach life this way, then, and only then do I understand the words “everything has beauty”.

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