It's Like Yoga
with Crayons

Upshifting Stories

“Corry is this very honest, and positive and inspirational person who I had the joy of getting to know.”

“Corry helped me to find my artistic self which I was looking for a little while but I could not find so I found it…and also to get to know my spiritual side more which I loved to get to know a bit better. I always like it that when you leave Corry, after you’ve been to Corry, you feel good. You feel positive. She’s able to switch situations that you’ve not seen from that angle into positive ones. Anyone who is looking for a switch in their thinking or another angle of looking at their life, I think would benefit seeing Corry.”

Suzanne, The Netherlands

“I have worked with Corry before and I can’t express clearly enough how much I have valued being in one of her courses.”

She’s helped me dig deep into myself and discover who I am after I became an adult and a mother and a house-wife. There was a lot of digging, some of it was painful, but at the end of it I’ve come out really finding focus in my life and I’ve since become and artist.”

Susan, England

“I was going through one of the toughest stage of my life and angels sent Corry to me.”

“I and my husband got into a fight and it escalated to a divorce situation!! The 11 years of marriage and 19 years of being together, for the 1st time, I did not disagree to split. Corry helped me in so many ways, but the most amazing work she did on me was to free me up from my fear...Even though I made peace with my decision of divorce, I felt very sad and uneasy especially when I was waking up in the morning.

Working with Corry I felt very safe so I opened my lid of my heart and just let myself feel the sadness. The sadness of losing children and husband...It was one of the most uncomfortable feeling I ever felt in my life...

After so many tears ran through my cheeks, the most amazing experience just happened!! My sadness was lifted to compassion. From the moment on, I knew exactly what I want in life. I was completely free from fear. Just love and compassion remained. And I am still with my husband today and the relationship is just like the beginning of new LOVE. This is why I call her my love alchemist. She has such a special gift to transform the pain into LOVE. This was the great experience to see how the inner world reflects our outer world. When integration of divine masculinity and femininity happened inside of my existence, the new harmony was created in my outer world.”

Miki, Japan


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