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Why You Should Trust Your Hunches

A few days ago I hopped out of my car to head into the shop and a cat walked right up to me and just started to “chat away” and cuddle me up. I mean really cuddle. There were other people all around but this cat singled me right out and we had a good visit before I went my way.

As I left my furry friend I had a hunch that there was more to that moment than the surface showed. I had been thinking about taking the kids to look at rescue pets for awhile and the sense that “it’s about time” was growing stronger in me each day.

Seemed amazing to me that only the day before I was meeting my neighbour who had me for a cup of tea and as we sat outside chatting her cat came and sidled right up next to me. Again, that sense grew in me.

So when the “adopt a pet” sign on a Facebook post caught my eye the third time I KNEW it was time to go and take a look see. The kids all mentioned that while they loved cats, we had never had a dog and they wanted one badly. I admitted I did as well and so off we drove an hour up the road to bring our first family dog home.

We all felt it, that sureness, that knowing that our dog was waiting for us. We had no idea, of course, whether or hot this was true on the level of surface but our hunches all came out to be correct.

So what was it that knew within us that the drive would be so worth it. That we should take action and not delay. That now was the right time to do it.

As the day progressed, each of my 3 kids and I just sensed strongly that there was a dog for us there. Then, that feeling grew stronger when I picked up the phone to see if the adoption was indeed still on and if we did find one would the shop be open in the evening for us to buy all the food and accessories for our pet. The woman who answered the phone was so kind and warm hearted that I knew we were in good hands. It just kept going on and on like that.

We got to the event and Flora (now our beautiful pet) was the first puppy we walked up to. Again, we had a hunch it would happen just like that.

The store staff we beyond kind and helpful getting us all loaded up and giving us so many tips for a smooth transition that we drove home wondering why we took so long to adopt a pet. But then I realized, we didn’t have a hunch to act on that plan until now. Until we felt the pull we didn’t push it.

Once you get a hunch on something, especially if the others in your family or group have it, then you just have to act on it. Just as we experienced with adopting Flora and with so many other times in my life, when I have leaped off that cliff and trusted in a hunch, Universal forces have orchestrated in my favour in ways I could NEVER have guessed and with SUCH FUN that the trusting hunches becomes easy to do.

The more you do the more you will do.

We all want this joyful, blissful life experience but the way to get there is not through the head and taking calculated risks. The way there is by taking a running start and jumping boldly and blindly into the arms of Life to catch you in her already filled to full arms so you too can feel the fullness of her in your experience.

You gotta hunch? Trust me, follow it and don’t look back. It’ll be more than worth it!

When have you been rewarded for following a hunch? Share your experiences with us here.

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