Curious how to
create clarity & inner calm?

Do you know you have the innate power to pivot your stress-filled problems for the infinite potentials they hold?
It’s my joy to show you how!

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I experienced a lot of stress before my exams and always felt like I couldn’t do it…with Corry everything changed…I didn’t feel stressed at all! She helped me so much…showing me what I am capable of doing through this amazing therapy.

– Hannah Kaltenbach

University Student

After you’ve been to Corry you feel good. She’s able to switch situations that you’ve not seen from that angle into positive ones. Anyone who is looking for another angle of looking at their life would benefit from seeing Corry.

– Suzanne Van de Venne

High Performance Coach

Meet Corry MacDonald

Hi, I’m Corry, and it’s my joy to share my work as a Creative Healer with you!

Hi, I’m Corry, and it’s my joy to share my work as a Creative Healer with you!

I work with people who want to create lightness from their trapped heavy emotions so that when anxiety, stress or physical pain arise, they can be leveraged intelligently.

Everything I share I know to be true because I have experienced it for myself having lived both ways – ignoring my pain and creating healing transformation with it. I have seen powerful changes in my life and the lives of those that I’ve had the honour to work with over the past decade.

Creating Healing formed naturally as I integrated three key modalities that helped me to heal my subconscious conditioning – Transpersonal Art Therapy, Energy Healing, and HeartSpeak.

Everyone can create healing for themselves. Unfortunately most people have no idea how to access their natural Creative Intelligence inside of them. If you’re curious to know more of yourself and feel ready to begin within but aren’t sure how, I can show you the way. Simply connect with me below.

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How I Can Help

Transpersonal Art Therapy

Uncover your innate ability to intuitively draw your innate Creative Intelligence out to shift challenges into elegant solutions.

Reconnective Energy Healing

Return to an optimal state of balance and wholeness by receiving frequencies consisting of energy, light and information.
Read about reconnective energy healing


An emotional healing and stress reduction tool which gently works with the heart to form healthy new patterns.
Read about HeartSpeaking

Some of the Benefits of
Creating Healing

What my clients say…

  • Increased relaxation, playfulness and enjoyment of life in general lorem ipsum
  • More confidence and trust in myself and others at work, home and daily life
  • No longer looking outside for answers, I know where they are inside
  • There’s an inner calm now that wasn’t there before which I can feel
  • We receive new perspectives and fresh ideas when before we’d get stuck
  • For the first time in a very long time I have been sleeping through the night

Experience the benefits for yourself

About My Book

Learn how to Leverage Life's Challenges as Your Ultimate Creative Material!

This seven-step book reveals how we can create our own lines to ply our colors into from our daily life challenges. With each step, we come to know how to create life with awareness while embracing all that is playing out before us: high-lights, low-lights and everything in between. This is that book.

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My Artwork

Each piece of art comes through me intuitively and meditatively, without a personal plan or agenda other than to flow healing energies into the art with the intention to elevate the vibration of those who take in the work.

All paintings are created to order. Prices and details on request.

Video coming soon!

Watch this space for more details

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